Ogilvy explores YouTube’s potential at HUBDAY in Paris

Ogilvy explores YouTube’s potential at HUBDAY in Paris

Par : HUB Institute
18 janvier 2015
Temps de lecture : 3 min
[spacing margin="no" border="no"][/spacing] The question "what marketing strategies should be used in 2015?" is fresh on everyone's minds and Ogilvy brought some answers to the table on January 21 at the HUB Institute's HUBDAY 2015 Predictions event. Ogilvy France General Director Natalie Rastoin's keynote on the current tsunami of YouTube videos provided some best practices regarding how brands can effectively communicate through videos. The numbers don't lie when it comes to the engagement of global web surfers on YouTube: as Rastoin pointed out, it now has 1 billion active users per month. "For any question that anyone has, there is a video available online that provides an answer. This applies to even the most abstract of subjects: my elementary school-aged nephew who wanted to learn how to put on a tie recently found out how to thanks to a tutorial video.” Rastoin advised marketers to keep in mind that amidst the mania (100 hours of footage uploaded on YouTube per minute), the fact that there is a large audience to target (Rastoin referred to it as the new Box Office) should not be forgotten. The biggest challenge is figuring out how to reach as many viewers as possible when they have so many videos to choose from.

Viral Videos

One of Rastoin's pieces of advice was for brands to have an editorial voice when creating videos rather than having a strictly advertising-centric one. The reason: videos that tell interesting stories, as opposed to those that are unabashedly selling something, are more likely to be shared by viewers. She added that brands need to do as journalists do: create newsrooms so that they can produce and share content at the right time. The “right timing” means in reaction to the conversations their audiences are having; waiting too long to react to these convesations can result in missed opportunities. If brands haven't already started contacting YouTube stars that have audiences who are highly interested in their niche videos, 2015 is the time to do it. Rastoin suggested using the website FameBit to find the right person to tell stories to target audiences on YouTube. Another key suggestion that Rastoin shared revolved around reviewing the YouTube Creator Playbook to understand how to use the platform better and to watch around 30 minutes of YouTube videos a week to stay updated with the latest trends. Rastoin ended her presentation by sharing a couple of other tips: combining online and offline strategies, measuring the impact of all marketing initiatives and staying prepared for anything.
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