Live from DMEXCO: 3 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow for 2016

Live from DMEXCO: 3 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow for 2016

Par : HUB Institute
17 septembre 2015
Temps de lecture : 1 min
Suresh Vittal, Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy for Adobe Marketing Cloud, highlights the three major digital trends that are going to impact enterprises and brands in 2016 for the HUB Institute at DMEXCO in Cologne, Germany.

1 - Digital marketing principles should go beyond the digital marketing department and resonate throughout the company

Some principles that digital marketers have been using for years like personalization, measurement and real time decision-making are universal and should spread across departments in order to provide an optimal customer experience. Indeed, an optimal customer experience is the result of the effort of the company as a whole.  

2 - Programmatic should actually be redefined

Programmatic is often mistaken for RTB (Real Time Bidding) but that definition is restrictive. Programmatic can help brands identify who their customers / audiences are as well as where and how to engage them. It can also provide transparency regarding the performance and ROI of advertising campaigns. Finally it can help brands optimize their ‘creative’ with every purchase that they do, on every bid that they make.  

3 - Distribution and availability of data and insights at the point of experience

Companies are massively replacing or rebuilding their data warehouse in an attempt to bring structured and unstructured data together. Nevertheless, it is important not to forget what data is meant for: producing insights. Furthermore, these insights should be used in real time at the point(s) of experience to facilitate and improve customer experience.

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