#HUBCES: Smart Home and Connected Health

#HUBCES: Smart Home and Connected Health

Par : HUB Institute
8 janvier 2016
Temps de lecture : 1 min
This week, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the main event for the worldwide technology lovers. Many products and services innovations are unveiled here every year. The 2 biggest 2016 trends were already identified in 2015: the Smart Home and the Connected Health (sport, food, disease).  Let's focus on them with a few examples taken from the CES 2016.   

SMART HOME: a more clever and connected Home

A study on connected equipments by GfK in early december shows the strong interest of the consumers for automation and safety equipments.
  • #1 motivation to buy for French people:  improve security and comfort for their home
  • #2 motivation:  energy savings allowed by the different systems  (ex : connected thermostats).
Despite this interest, the real penetration of connected equipments is low.
"Even if they express a strong interest for automation and safety devices, the consumers are not well-equipped. Among the things that are slowing down the process, we can quote the prices, and a too complicated User-Experience” - Fabien Rondeau, Studies Director at GfK.
The smart home should be a success in the next 5 years: in 2020, the French Homes will be equipped with 30 connected  objects, according to the GfK Institute (Source: La Dépêche). BI Intelligence smart home ecosystem


We are only at the beginning of the Connected Health. Beyond diagnostic, the new services allow a stronger relationship and a data sharing with medical specialists, especially in case of serious diseases that implies a long-lasting connection and trust between the patient and the doctor. We talk here about predictive medicine: it's better to prevent than to heal. The patients are more in control of their health, with 4 key words: Prevention, watch, Comfort, Control.

Sources: La Dépêche, BI Intelligence.

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