HUBFORUM SINGAPORE : Digital Transformation, Commerce & Social Media Engagement Challenges in 2016

HUBFORUM SINGAPORE : Digital Transformation, Commerce & Social Media Engagement Challenges in 2016

Par : HUB Institute
28 avril 2016
Temps de lecture : 4 min
HUBFORUM Singapore is an invitation-only summit for digital marketing leaders from local and international companies. Over 300+ attendees and 15 top speakers had gathered last year to share insights, predictions of digital marketing and digital transformation. After six editions in Paris, one in Moscow and Sao Paolo, HUBFORUM is coming back in Singapore for the second consecutive time on May 18th, 2016. HUB FORUM is the unmissable conference for digital makers and every digital transformation player. Leaders from some of the biggest worldwide companies (Remy Cointreau, Unilever, Lazada, Sephora Digital, Starhub, Axa, WFA, Linkfluence and Waze) will share their insights, digital trends and best cases studies for the Asia Pacific region.
"Asia is an extremely dynamic market that we analyze closely, because the ultra-connected consumers' habits in social media, retail and e-commerce, will be those of tomorrow's Europe", says Perle Bagot, Associate Director of the HUB Institute.
Here is a little preview of the subjects that will be discussed at HUBFORUM Singapore 2016.

What are the 2016 Digital Transformation trends?

The exponential disruption that we are living requires equally exponential transformation and vision. We have been living deep changes throughout those past years but we have to realize that it is just the beginning! Global network platforms, Fluid data, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics,… innovations are multiplying and the latest digital giants' announcements since early 2016 confirm it. “By 2045, the artificial intelligence could be as powerful as the human intelligence», according to the Singularity University. We will have to face the online advertising Big Bang, the end of the interruption marketing with the explosion of ad blockers on desktop and smartphones. The key challenge of the next-generation CRM: a personalized, relevant relationship on every touch points with online and offline connected data that could be managed with AI. As we are all becoming software companies, we will all fight for the same talents…We have to find the best way to attract them and make them want to stay. At last, Cyber-security & ethics represent a growing challenge especially with the Internet of things (IoT). A question that you have to ask yourself: how deep is the confidence of your clients?

Meet on the INSEAD stage the 16th of May in Singapore to talk about these key topics:

  • Rod Strother, VP Digital Transformation @Starthub,
  • Léo Costes, Chief Transformation Officer and Chief Claims Officer @Axa,
  • Sameer DesaiRegional VP-Asia Pacific @WFA,
  • Emmanuel Vivier, Co-founder @HUB Institute

What the future of E-commerce will look like?

Retail e-commerce sales in Asia-Pacific will hit $877.61 billion in 2015, up 35.7% from 2014 according to In 2016, there will be no more e-commerce, only commerce: an everywhere commerce. Today, brands have to offer the possibility for customers to buy products or services whenever they want, wherever they want. With their connected fridge, Amazon Dash buttons, connected mirrors, consumers will get to do spur-of-the-moment purchases in just one easy action. Frictionless is the new e-commerce it-word. Furthermore, customers will drive more and more transactions. Of course, payment will also become personalized: customers will decide how and when they want to pay. Same-day shipping will be everywhere and a big revolution for delivery is predicted with players such as Uber, Alibaba, and Amazon… To discuss about 2016’s e-commerce challenges in APAC, meet with  Pierre Poignant, Regional [email protected] and Adrien Barthel, Chief Marketing Officer @ Sephora.

How to better engage with Social Media?

In 2016, it is expected that 23.9% of the Asia Pacific population will be accessing social networks. Marketers have never had as huge an access to customer preferences information as today. Social data, the ones extracted from social media, if we listen to them the right way, could enable brands to adapt and personalize their message and focus on building a stronger loyalty and long-term engagement. Creativity, real-time, storytelling are the key challenges for this year. Furthermore, relevant collaborations with influencers could be a real asset to enrich your content and to amplify your communication but finding the good person to work with and support your messages, building a profitable relationship with him or her is not simple and takes time. Mobile has become the first screen for most social media users. In 2015, mobile traffic finally overtook desktop traffic in 10 countries, including Japan (Google Inside Adwords 2016). In Asia Pacific, the smartphone penetration per capita was 8.7 percent in 2011. In 2017, the smartphone penetration per capita is projected to reach 32.5 percent. Rachel Tann, Senior Marketing Executive, Digital Manager @Remy Cointreau and Benjamin Duvall, Chief Evangelist Officer @Linkfluence will share their best insights and business cases on social engagement trends.