Our mission & vision

digital disruption is NOW. And You, where are you?


“Alone, we go faster. Together, we go further.” Over the last few years, most corporations have initiated a program of digital transformation. To win this battle of agility and speed, and to innovate even more quickly, we have to face facts: it’s no longer possible to succeed on your own. It is therefore imperative to be open, to be connected and to share.

From connected consumers with new habits and expectations, to new agile competition from nimble startups or ambitious digital leaders (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon,…) the rules of business as we know it are changing. And if you look at Uber or AirBnb they can change really fast and dramatically on a worldwide level. Existing Organizations have to understand these changes from top to bottom and react and adapt to them if they still want to be alive in the coming years. 

The HUB Institute has been launched in 2011 by Vincent Ducrey and Emmanuel Vivier, to assist leading brands and organisation in understanding the impact of digital disruption, and leading their digital transformation. From trendwatching to training, consulting to networking, we are a HUB of resources, contacts and insights for feaful top executives really motivated to challenge the statu quo. 

Our philosophy around digital transformation revolves around 5 principles :
Curiosity & passion for innovation : 

The pace of change is so broad, diverse, intense that it requires more than interest. From connecting with brands with unnown startups at international events, to online trendwatching, daily meeting with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and innovators, we breath and live for discovering new insights. Our team goal is to anticipate what’s next and how to leverage these discoveries as business sucess factors.

Open Collaboration : 

Innovation is about sharing and connecting, not about hidden R&D & secret expertise. Digital and innovation are living organisms that evolve all the time. There are no magic solution or silver bullet strategy. No organization has already mastered the whole process of digital transformation. Innovation is about test and learn, experimentation and iteration. Therefore as a “HUB” we are working everyday with the whole digital ecosystem (brands, startups, agencies, experts, media,...) to collect and share the latest best practices and connect them together to move forward. From conferences to training, from videos interviews to trendreports, from startups pitch events to learning expeditions or networking dinners, we want to watch, filter and share the best of the best in the most impactful and useful formats for business decision makers.

Non stop experimentating, optimising & improvement : 

We are not only innovation watchers but practioners. We are as much a “do tank" as a "think tank”. We believe in testing and evaluating what we preach. We are convinced that embrassing change, while sometimes unconfortable and challenging, is one of the best competitive advantage for the future. We encourage our team to curate new tools and best practices, to break and remaster existing process and to experiment while measuring impact and progress based on data.

People and Technology
People AND technology :  

After years of assisting leading brands and organizations, we are more than ever convinced that innovation is as much about people and culture as about technology. With digital, our toolbox (internal and external) has exploded with new software, tactics, practices, and formats. But the key element to make or break all your transformation efforts is the human one. How do you share a clear and exciting vision with your management and employee? How do you assist them in changing their habits, organisation, process and tools? How do you retrain them to help them size new opportunities, grow into new jobs, learn new skills and embrass change and innovation to deliver smarter, better and faster?

Digital disruption and digital transformation are NOT about digital : 

both topics are about much more than that. Digital is only tools and yes new tools are important. But, in reality, Digital Transformation is about the future of your business. Do you want to stay ahead of your competition? To keep track with connected consumers? To use the best practices and to rethink your organization on a regular basis? If not, you might want to leave your job and let this taks to a more willing and/or capable person. 

The HUB Institute is not a club for top managers who suddenly wants to look cool with some “digital” gloss… We are the digital SWAT team assisting the executives who really do want to challenge the statu quo. We are the aventure backup pals of leading pioneers who are trying everyday to innovate, reinvent existing business and starting new ones. We are the innovation humble experts helping redesigning strategy roadmaps, filtering real insights from the techbullshit hype, identiying concrete & value added solutions, challenging internal politics and resistance to change. 

If you feel like you might need some help in your digital transformation journey or want to discover how leading brands are succeeding in facing digital disruption, do contact us

Emmanuel Vivier
Co-founder - HUB Institute