Viva Technology: 15 quotes that marked the first day

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16 June 2021
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Back for a 5th edition, Viva Technology once again brought together the various leaders of the innovative ecosystem. Managers of large groups, entrepreneurs or representatives of national and international institutions… the HUB Institute invites you to discover the quotes which punctuated this first day of Viva Technology.


Economic Recovery & Digital Transformation

Tim Cook"Failure is a part of life. Whether you're a startup or a company that's been around for a while, if you don't fail, you don't try. "

- Tim Cook, CEO (Apple)


“You have a new music industry that is about leveraging technology at scale to help artists manage relationships withDenis ladegaillerie their audience. For Johnny Hallyday, 98% of sales between 2010 and 2020 were CD sales. For the rapper JUL, 80% of his sales are digital sales. 90% of music consumption is going to be digital.”

- Denis Ladegaillerie, CEO (Believe)


Denis terrien"In great crises, great leadership arises. The leaders of today realized they had to change, working to build a better world. One cannot be focused on one objective alone : companies have to be agile, resilient and continue to accelerate and project on their long term responsibilities."

- Denis Terrien, CEO Europe du Sud (Salesforce)


Tech for environment

Raoul costa de beauregard"BackMarket gives products a second life. My dream job was to work for a company that had a positive impact. At BackMarket, it was love at first sight. In France there are a lot of “tech for good” startups, so there are many places to look for if you are looking to have a positive impact."

- Raoul Costa de Beauregard, CEO (BackMarket)


"Many people think that our major problem is to produce more energy. In reality, it's all about being more efficient inBertrand Picard terms of consumption: 75% of energy consumed today is wasted. Improving energy efficiency is the biggest market opportunity ever created."

- Bertrand Piccard, President (Solar Impulse Foundation)


Stéphane Richard"The demand for digital services is exploding! The challenge is to continue to promote while consuming less, and this is not antinomic! Our fiber optic network consumes three times less than our copper network, our data centers are 30% powered by renewable energy and we have managed to reduce the consumption of our ventilation systems by 80%."

- Stéphane Richard, PDG (Orange)


Tech for society

"It is the combination of technology that can bring us to the next level. We have been talking a lot about privacy andMichael Trabbia the next level is AI ethics. It is really important to us to build ethical AI with 11 external cross domain experts to set the right standards that lead to minimum bias and no discrimination."

- Michaël Trabbia, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer (Orange)


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Future of Work

Frederic Mazzella“A company’s culture is essential and plays both the role of the cement and the magnet. If a company has a great culture, this will not only create links between people but also impact the image of the organization and its capacity to attract the best talents.”

 - Frédéric Mazzella, Founder & President (Blablacar)


“3 impacts in terms of company culture : Pay attention to the moments the teams are going to meet, it is key to not toMarie Barbesol avoid synchronization between all the team, feedback is the breakfast of champions”

-  Marie Barbesol, Chief Evangelist & cofounder (Klaxoon)


Jonas Prising"The key skills of the jobs of tomorrow : everything that has to do with technology industry, reskill and upskill"

Jonas Prising, CEO (ManpowerGroup)


Tech to Watch

“More and more satellites will benefit from internet development. We launch satellites and it’s all about connectivity.Stephane israel Data cannot be manipulated in space, there is a challenge with data treatment, and this is where blockchain comes in.”

- Stéphane Israel, CEO (ArianeSpace)


Scaling Up

Cedric O"Is the Silicon Valley a model for european startup developpments ? For me, it is necessary that we developp our own path, which needs to find it's balance between innovation and regulation."

- Cedric O, Minister of State for Digital and Telecommunications (Ministère de l'économie)


"It is our duty to create an environment with more early-stage financing, so that startups that want to raise big moneyMacron no longer have to go to the US or China. And this will include the creation of a true single European market, encompassing the financial markets."

- Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic


Carlo Purassanta"Every CEO has to be aware of transforming expectations from our stakeholders. Is there a new way to rethink and reinvent the business model of a company with more data, insights, personalization ?"

- Carlo Purassanta, Président (Microsoft France)


“We now have to work on talents. Fundings are quite available but we need to find talents, C-Level Talents inFranck Riester particular to help companies scale up.” 

- Franck Riester, French European Minister


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