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The world is facing an unprecedented crisis. Our thoughts are of course first with the sick ones, their family and the amazing health professionals. At the HUB Institute, we want to do our part. We will try to assist and advise companies & cities in order to help them to limit the impact of Covid-19 on their business, activities and to get ready faster for recovery.

As a think tank and innovation platform, the HUB Institute is launching the "Business Recovery Challenges" program. We are gathering / creating a series of the best insights and online webinars to help organisations to React / Adapt / Recover to overcome the Covid-19 crisis.

Please discover below a list of helpful resources and the planning of our coming webinars. We will update this page and launch additional webinars and online keynotes in the coming weeks. 

This program will support our 4 ecosystems at HUB Institute (Retail & Digital Business, Smart City, Smart Industry, Digital Health).


Get smarter to react

Deal with the emergency


Diagnosis and prioritization

  • Present & future risks analysis (business, people, legal, IT…)
  • Actions prioritization & delegation
  • Cost reduction & adjustment of your media plan
  • Workload and Workforce Planning
  • External Communication



Reinvent your future

  • Be a good citizen and demonstrate your are purpose-driven by being supportive to others (clients, health professionals, the homeless…)
  • Train your teams via e-learning and transform this forced pause in an opportunity to upskill them
  • Invite them to improve themselves by reading, watching/listening to audio or video podcasts from the best business transformation experts
  • Optimise your existing tools and processes

Be prepared for the recovery