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As Associate Director, Perle Bagot supports technology platforms, agencies and advertisers in their communication and visibility within the digital ecosystem in conferences and events organised by the HUB Institute.

Responsible for the "Conferences and Events" division of the HUB Institute, Perle is in charge of a three person team to ensure the development of activities and partnerships with:
Microsoft, Orange, TF1, LaPoste, Prisma Media, Samsung, Clear Channel, Meetic, Airbnb, Oracle, Linkfluence, Synthesio, Appnexus, RocketFuel, Experian, Criteo, etc.

Perle began her career in the communication unit of the Presidency of the French Republic after a few months in the Protocol Service, which enabled him to master the communication challenges both online and during physical events.

A Master's degree graduate in Political and Public Communication from Paris 12 Val de Marne University, Perle managed the organisation of symposia on political and public communication for several years. At the same time, she also passed through Image 7 in the Public Affairs division.

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