Future Vision: Using AI to Guide Your Brand’s Social Strategy

Par : Elise Ngobi
19 April 2021
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The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of Social Commerce strategies by brands. However, it is not always easy for brands to predict the visuals that will serve this strategy. In this article, Elise Ngobi, Director of International Growth at Dash Hudson, explains the importance of these strategies and presents Vision, Dash Hudson's tool to help companies get the most out of their graphic assets. 

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It’s no secret that artificial intelligence technology has been evolving at a rapid pace. As the global pandemic continues making physical touchpoints  few and far between, marketers are looking to make data-backed decisions and optimize the scarce resources of time and money. This, coupled with the surge in social media usage has led the smartest brands to turn to AI marketing solutions to solve creative problems and stand out online. With 70% of global Gen Z shoppers making purchase decisions through Instagram, the need for brand visuals that capture the attention of your audience has never been greater. So, how can you ensure you are putting out the best visuals for your brand? 

Future Vision

Enter Vision. Dash Hudson’s visual intelligence technology that uses AI tailored to your brand to predict photo and video performance. Vision helps brands make data-backed decisions about content, and get real-time recommendations on which creative to use in order to drive ROI. The world’s savviest brands use Vision to power their social strategies and take an insights-driven approach to content.   

Guiding Strategy

Vision takes the guesswork out of content creation for marketers and stretches the use of resources. A prominent CPG brand used Vision when launching a campaign around a beard balm, that aimed to celebrate diversity and define confidence. On the photoshoot set, images were uploaded to Dash Hudson in real-time. With predictive visual performance technology, the team could quickly see which photos would work on Instagram and pivot their content strategy accordingly, saving them both time and money. Using Vision, the campaign saw a +60% increase in engagement on Instagram and a +109% increase in followers, making it a huge success for the brand. 

Competitive Intel

Vision can also be instrumental to brands for competitive intelligence, or when entering a new product category. The Hearst brand House Beautiful UK, leveraged Vision’s competitive analysis section, Visual IQ, when looking to grow its audience on Instagram, as well as gain insight into top competitors and industry leaders. The brand was able to input top competitor handles into the platform and analyze visual trends within each competitors’ content. Visual IQ then predicts how each brand's imagery will perform with House Beautiful UK’s community on Instagram. This informs the team about which styles of visuals to invest in, and pushes them to innovate new aesthetics and content pillars. In the first six months of using Dash Hudson, House Beautiful UK saw a +40% increase in engagement rate and a +36% increase in follower growth. 

Data That Converts

Fashion e-commerce leader, REVOLVE, used Dash Hudson’s Vision technology when selecting ad creative for paid campaigns. While REVOLVE’s organic team has mastered which type of content performs well with their audience, the brand’s paid team needed a data-backed solution to optimize paid social initiatives. The team selected images that Vision predicted to be high performers and using Facebook’s A/B campaign testing, compared the results to photos they would have used otherwise.  With the Vision selected ad creative, REVOLVE saw a 95% increase in Average Order Value and a 70% increase in Return on Ad Spend. 

For more data-led social media insights, download Dash Hudson’s 2021 Instagram Benchmarks for Europe and the UK. 

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