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For more than 20 years, digital has appeared and little by little, changed our lives and disrupted many industries. For the past 10 years, the HUB Institute, together with HUBFORUM, has brought together decision-makers and leading companies in digital transformation.

From connected consumers and their new habits and expectations, to the agile competition of startups and ambitious digital leaders (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, etc.), we are experimenting the end of business rules as we know them. And if you take a look at Uber or Airbnb, you see they can change quickly, dramatically and globally. Existing organizations have to be very aware of those changes in order to, react and adapt to them if they want to stay alive for years to come.

The HUB Institute was created in 2011 by Vincent Ducrey and Emmanuel Vivier to help brands and organizations understand the impact of digital disruption and drive their digital transformation. We monitor and decipher trends, share guidance and organize training and networking event. We are a HUB of resources, contacts and insights for high-level managers motivated by the idea of challenging the status quo.

Curiosité et passion pour l’innovation
1. Curiosity and passion for innovation:

Those evolution are major, diverse and intense and require more than just paying attention. We assist to international event where we meet new young brands and discover start up. We monitor online trends and weak signals and keep a close relationship with the market’s leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. We live for the discovery of new insights. Our goal is to anticipate what will happen and use these discoveries as key success factors for your business.

2. Collaboration ouverte :
2. Open collaboration:

Innovation truly happens in confluence and shared knowledge, not in secret R & D and hidden expertise. Digital technology and innovation are living organisms that constantly evolve. There is no magic solution or easy strategy. No organization has complete control over all aspects of digital transformation. Innovation is about testing things, learning, experimenting and try again. Therefore, as a "HUB", we work every day with the entire digital ecosystem (brands, startups, agencies, experts, media, etc.) to get the latest best practices, integrate them together and share them with our clients. We organize conferences and training sessions, conduct video interviews and write trend reports, we also guide startups with their pitchings skills, coordinate "discovery" expeditions and networking dinners. Multiple services and offer to recover and filter the best knowledge and insights and share it in the most simple and effective way for your business.

Expérimentation et amélioration continue
3. Experimentation and constant improvment:

We don’t stop at knowing about innovation, we make sure we implement it. We are a "Think and a Do Tank", and we constantly test and evaluate what we recommend. We believe that embracing change, while demanding and sometimes uncomfortable, is one of the best investments for the future of your business to stay at the top of you game and gain a competitive edge. We encourage our team to experiment by selecting new tools and best practices, question and change existing processes, measuring impacts and results along the way.

4. Humans and technology:
4. Humans and technology :

After years of consulting with brands and organizations, we are more than ever convinced that innovation is as much a human and cultural challenge as it is a technological one. With digital, our options have multiplied: new software, formats as well as new tactics and practices. But what makes or breaks the success of your transformation is humans. How do you share a clear and motivating vision with your management and your employees? How do you help them change their habits, organization, processes and tools? How do you train them to seize new opportunities, learn new skills and take advantage of innovation to do more in less time?

5. Disruption and digital transformation cannot be reduced to a digital matter:
5. Disruption and digital transformation cannot be reduced to a digital matter:

It involves many different topics that constitute a much more complex problematic. Digital is only a set of tools. In fact, digital transformation is the future of your business. Do you want to stay one step ahead of your competition? Do you want to track connected consumers? Do you want to use best practices and rethink your organization on a regular basis?

Emmanuel Vivier

The HUB Institute is not a club for top managers who want to simply be aware of the digital trends. We are the digital TAC team, here to help the directorates who really want to change the status quo. We are a team of pioneers who are constantly striving to innovate, reinventing existing businesses and creating new ones. We are the humble innovation experts assisting in the design of strategic roadmaps, filtering relevant insights from unfounded technological buzz, identifying concrete solutions with high added value, questioning internal policies and resistance to change. If you think you need help in your digital transformation or want to discover how the main brands are successfully dealing with digital disruption, do not hesitate to contact us.

Emmanuel Vivier
Co-Founder HUB Institute