4 min

The HUB Institute team just got back from its New York trip to scout out the most inspiring concept stores. Here are some tasters of four trends that we identified in the Big Apple for 2019, which echo concepts seen elsewhere. Let us be your guide!

7 min

Abandoned for a long time by brands in their thinking on digital transformation, the supply chain is now making a noisy return to the spotlight. A momentum particularly encouraged by the rise of data and the growing potential of AI. Study of a textbook case: Watson of IBM.

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Asian Summer - Part 4 - Physical commerce, particularly the shopping centre model, is being reinvented. In Asia, where shopping is primarily a leisure activity, the latest innovations in Hong Kong, China, Japan and Singapore already prefigure global trends. Explore our exclusive plan, which brings...

3 min

Asian Summer - Part 2 - 58 % of millennials, over one billion individuals, live in Asia. Although they have many things in common with their western cousins, the context of their lives is very different and structures a rapidly expanding economy