With Mo Gawdat - ex Chief Business Officer Google[x]


A step by step approach to building an innovation factory for positive impact.

After 4 years leading the global business activities Google[x], one of the most innovative labs on the planet, and starting and running Google offices in 50 countries in the world, Mo Gawdat now coaches companies on the innovation models he learned and developed over his 27 year career.

Specifically, he shares his experience on the current advancement of technology, the design of innovation labs, why positivity and happiness in corporate teams boost innovation, and the expected technological breakthroughs that will change our world in the next 10 to 20 years.

His insights include:
  • Creating and running innovation labs inspired by Google[x]
  • Applying happiness at work methods he used at Google to boost innovation
  • How AI will impact businesses and governments in the future
  • Why positive and mindful organizations will win in the future?
Mo Gawdat at HUB Institute

“Happiness follows a predictable equation: it is not the events in our life that makes us unhappy, it is the way we think of them. The method I have developed over 10 years of personal research, lays out an engineering approach to reach a stage of near-uninterrupted happiness, regardless of the events in our lives. Including in the workplace.”

Unless you aim to change things tenfold, then it is not worth your innovation, time or effort.

For this training session, Mo Gawdat will be accompanied by Anahita Moghaddam.


Anahita Moghaddam is the Chief Mindfulness Officer & co-Founder of Y2X, a $250 million investment fund focusing on social projects and positive impact investment and based in New York. Anahita is also the founder of Neural Beings, a coach and speaker, who’s methodology is rooted in Neuro-science and the Eastern contemplative traditions.

Anahita Moghaddam

She focuses on the mind, self, reality and happiness and helps entrepreneurs and financial organizations re-structure using a conscious-organization methodology. She has spoken at various conferences including The World Happiness Summit, and led workshops at The Harvard Business School Club NY, Soho House NY, l’Échappée Volée (Paris) and more.

Program outline

Please note that this small-group training session is only available in english.


Welcome coffee at HUBLab

The future is NOW 

  • Discover today’s main tech trends that will impact tomorrow's businesses
  • Learn why moonshot and positive innovations are critical to the survival of your organization
  • Check what are the mindset & ethical challenges ahead — as an individual, a businessperson, an organization?
  • Learn how to implement a culture of positive innovation in the workplace

Lunch & Networking 

How to boost your innovation efficiency by understanding Happiness at work

  • Why money is not happiness 
  • Understanding the Happiness Equation 
  • The illusion of control 
  • The impact of our thoughts on our happiness 
  • The value of happiness at work  

Building a “mindful/positive organization” 

  • The reality of today’s workplace 
  • The causes 
  • What is possible if we design for impact

Introduction to innovation factories  

  • The rules of the game
  • Positive innovation Lab outline

Q&A & Closing

More details
Mo Gawdat masterclass
  • Speakers: Mo Gawdat & Anahita Moghaddam
  • Participants: Head of Innovation / CDO, CEO, COO, CMO
  • Location: Paris / HUBLAB / 29 Rue d’Astorg, 75008 Paris
  • Date: 31st of October - from 9AM to 6PM
  • Price: 850€ HT / person

Please register as soon as possible, the seats are limited.

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