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Training is an ongoing process.

One digital training session is not enough for you and your staff, year-on-year support is required to make progress and keep skills, knowledge and practices up to date. In short, we believe in life-long learning.

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Talks with Emmanuel Vivier

To inspire your colleagues, invite one of our experts.

New uses for digital, management, retail, marketing, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, social media, voice commerce, data, HR, etc. The HUB Institute experts deliver the latest trends, business cases and good practice the help you meet the challenges of digital transformation!

Digital Day
Digital Day

Get your colleagues on board and accelerate your digital transformation.

Over a half-day, day, or longer, the HUB Institute offers a tailor-made programme to meet your needs and the challenges you face. The training offers a succession of expert conferences and group workshops so you can discuss, problematise and put your new skills into practice.

Immersive itinerary
Immersive itinerary

Speed up your company's digital transformation with an immersive tailor-made itinerary.

Une offre adaptée à tous les niveaux de votre organisation
COMEX, CODIR et Top-management

Travailler ensemble sur la vision, la conduite du changement, l'innovation & définir la stratégie de l'entreprise

CMO, CDO et managers de business unit
Direction stratégique & opérationnelle

Identifier les tendances et mobiliser ses équipes sur des enjeux métiers et l'innovation

Collaborateurs & management opérationnel
Management opérationnel

Infuser les bonnes pratiques et créer l'intérêt autour du digital 

Out training topics

The HUB Institute supports large groups at an international level with over 30 training modules based around marketing, HR, retail, and digital transformation to develop your expertise and that of your staff.

Digital disruption

Digital disruption

Culture and organisation 2.0, new consumer expectations, the start-up spirit, uberisation, etc.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Leadership, organisation, technology, data, marketing, customer experience, new KPIs, etc.



Collaborative economy, connected objects, AR/VR, voice assistants, etc.

Retail 2.0, e-retail and e-commerce

Retail 2.0, e-retail and e-commerce

Retail trends, interfaces and interactions, touch points, products and services, etc.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Customer experience, brand content, engagement marketing, brand experience, and real-time marketing.

Customer experience

Customer experience

Putting in place an effective mobile marketing strategy, interface design, navigation, and responsive design

Media buying

Media buying

Ad exchanges, RTB, programming, etc.

Data and CRM

Data and CRM

GDPR, DMP, data visualisation, CRM and e-CRM, Big Data, etc.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Connected factory, logistics, cost optimisation and production tools, predictive maintenance, transport, etc.

Social Media and E-reputation

Social Media and E-reputation

Web 2.0, new uses for social networks, influence, bad-buzz management, social selling, employee advocacy, etc.

MarCom Strategy

MarCom Strategy

Strategy, communication plans, TOMSTER method, etc.

Our references

With years of experience in training, our staff and international network of experts train over 10,000 managers every year, from Paris to Shanghai, Moscow, New York, Dubai and Bangkok.

In their words
Digital Day

For us the context of Digital Day is the company's strong growth for the last 3 years, doubling in size and with a perspective of increased volume for all of our businesses. It was the time to see how we could integrate digital to our organisation. 

All of the workshops are useful individually and provide coherence overall: reflection on all that needs to be achieved, participation of colleagues and management, accepting change and opening up to creative methods, collaborative working, etc.

Chairman and Co-Founder of Atland
Immersive itinerary

The "Directing in an uncertain world" programme, jointly created with the HUB, forms part of our Management Institute, which is about education and, above all, creating a place for reflection. We asked the HUB to bring us a palette of new practices and new trends. 

Now, if we're talking about results, I have more demand than I can satisfy, so that must mean that the format speaks to people. Those who have been recommend it to others and, today, we can't keep up with demand. 

Gérard Bucourt
DHR, Holding Bouygues SA

To activate and propel your colleagues' interest on digital themes.

Your staff don't have much time for training? This synthetic concise format lets them manage their learning and integrate it to their daily work. Digital and mobile learning are the answer to learning and updating skills independently.

QI Digital
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Your digital knowledges ?

Discuss your ambitions for your staff

Our teaching staff support you and created tailor-made training to give you a business-oriented response to an industry need thanks to our network of digital experts. Start by taking our positioning questionnaire, the Digital Quiz. It will help give you an overview of your colleagues' digital knowledge and offer them suitable training! 

Frederic-Gerard Leveque
Director of Digital Transformation

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