By Alec Ross

Thursday, March 7th 2019 - 18h30 - 20h30
HUB LAB – Paris 8ème





Exclusive Masterclass - "The Industries of the Future"




Cocktail & Networking

Alec Ross
About Alec Ross

Alec Ross is an American technology policy expert who was Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the duration of her term as Secretary of State. After leaving the Department of State in 2013 he joined the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University as a Senior Fellow and is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Industries of the Future. The Industries of the Future has been translated to fifteen languages, and was named the 2016 Book of the Year by the TriBeCa Film Festival's Disruptive Innovation Foundation. Ross is a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Johns Hopkins University.

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Book reviews

"A fascinating vision of the future of industry. The Industries of the Future reads like a portable TED conference at which you have been seated next to the smartest guy in the room." - Forbes

"If you want to know how to survive and thrive in the fast-paced world of today and how to anticipate the opportunities of tomorrow’s information age as well as how to solve big mysteries, this is a good place to start." - New York Journal

"In a world growing more chaotic, Alec Ross is one of those very rare people who can see patterns in the chaos and guidance for the road forward. He has an unusual diversity of expertise that allows him to apply multiple lenses to the world's challenges and dream up the kind of innovative solutions that are changing the world." - Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

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Evening's program:

IA, Bitcoin, Big Data, New Market

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60 attendees (CEO, CDO, CMO, Head of Innovation)

"Les industries du futur" Book price : 17,60€