Vivatech Best of day 1

Best of Vivatech Day 1: Quotes, startups and pictures to remember

Par : Victor Lepoutre
15 juin 2022
Temps de lecture : 4 min

As the first day of Viva Technology comes to an end, the HUB Institute shares with you the 5 quotes to remember from this Wednesday's conferences. Also make sure to watch the interviews of the most innovative startups we have met, and the best photos of the day.


Top 5 quotes of the day

Lawrence Leuschner (Tier Mobility)We have a virtuous triangle, between consumers, regulators and technology. To the consumers, we have to bring excitement and joy. We need regulators to create new streets and gain the ability to extend this technology. If these go together, we can bring out the new cities. Lawrence Leuschner, CEO and founder (Tier Mobility)

Cristiano Amon (Qualcomm)In the automotive industry, full autonomy, let’s say level 4 or above, is going to take some time, especially to also be a financially relevant opportunity. But assisted driving, that should not be any different from seatbelts, sensors, radars... The car is helping you drive to create a safe environment. This is a real opportunity that is starting to get scaled right now. We have to help companies install this technology in every car.Cristiano Amon, CEO (Qualcomm)

Jo Mardall Head of Engineering (Zipline)We are talking about instant logistics: none of our customers cares about drones but they want their delivery immediately. People think drone delivery is the future but they’re already there. (…) We are seeing part of this change. Drones are part of this change, but autonomy has the key role. The industry will change significantly to be able to achieve the national scale.Jo Mardall, Head of Engineering (Zipline)

Louise KochCustomers now are expecting the largest tech companies to be sustainable, to provide IT equipment that meet the requirements. They’re also asking us to advise them on how they can reduce their own emissions. I think that goes for you no matter what business you’re in. How can you take the lead? How can you advise customers?Louise Koch Director, Global Sustainability Strategy & Innovation (Dell Technologies)

Zeina ZakhourHow to secure your company? First, you need to identify, understand the critical assets. This is the key first step, the deep understanding of your assets as you cannot protect what you don’t see. Second, make proper security controls and regulations. Not only detecting intrusions, but also all the updates of your digital product. Finally, be ready for the unexpected.” Zeina Zakhour, Global CTO for Digital Security (Atos)

Top startups of the day

On this first day at VivaTech, HUB Institute's experts went to meet the most innovative startups, and interview them on video. Here are the startups to remember for this Wednesday. They are sorted according to the Vivatech main theme they relate to. You can click on the link associated with each startup to discover their vidéo interview.

Tech for Society

Human Park is a next-gen Web3 experience that aims to empower the community around it to interpret the metaverse in their own way. 

> Dive in the Vivatech ambiance with a few images from Human Park 

Transition-One has designed a generic retrofit unit to transform thermal vehicles into electric vehicles, paving the way towards greener mobility.

> Watch our interview with Transition-One at Vivatech

Retail, Customer Experience & Marketing

SimpliField is a B2B SaaS product for field intelligence, across all stores and locations, to get a clear view of store and team compliance. 

> Watch our interview with SimpliField at Vivatech

Skyboy is a digital marketing solution based on immersive mobile experiences, dedicated to the luxury and culture industries. 

> Watch our interview with Skyboy at Vivatech

Future of Work

Fifty combines the latest advances in behavioral science with advanced technology to maximize program delivery.

> Watch our video with Fifty at Vivatech 

 Uptale develops true 360° interactive experiences in virtual reality for training and communication.

> Watch our video with Uptale at Vivatech 

Finance Banking & Insurance

Penbox is an all-in-one platform automation solution for registering administrators and structuring customer interactions at scale.

> Watch our interview with Penbox at Vivatech

Industry 4.0

Qualisteo specializes in monitoring the electrical consumption of industrial sites.

> Watch our interview with Qualisteo at Vivatech

Wavely develops acoustic monitoring solutions using sound recognition for 3 main applications: noise disturbance, safety and predictive maintenance.

> Watch our interview with Wavely at Vivatech

Tech for Environment

Heliatek develops, produces and distributes industrial-grade organic solar PV solutions.

> Watch our interview with Heliatek at Vivatech

Next Energy Technologies is a manufacturer of organic photovoltaic coatings.

> Watch our interview with Next Energy Technologies at Vivatech 


Deepbrain AI markets AI-based video synthesis solutions to create realistic avatars that inform and guide users through performing tasks in various scenarios.

> Watch our interview with Deepbrain at Vivatech is a SaaS platform for brands and agencies that want to create and sell NFTs for the metaverse. It also offers comprehensive services with an integrated 3D studio.

> Watch our interview with at Vivatech

Top pictures of the day

Best of photos VivaTech day 1
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