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VivaTechnology : 15 quotes that marked the third day !

Par : HUB Institute
18 juin 2021
Temps de lecture : 4 min

Lookback on the third day of VivaTech 2021 ! A lot of insights, advice and feedback from the top leaders of the innovation ecosystem have punctuated this day. The HUB Institute offers you a selection of 15 quotes heard during the keynotes.


Economic Recovery & Digital Transformation 

Brad Smith"We need to bring AI services and cloud services to European customers that ensure that they not only remain in control of their data and not only that their data is secure but that the value of their data serves European business and European economies”

- Brad Smith, President (Microsoft)

Chris Tung“China has experienced the same changes as the rest of the world. However, two trends stand out. First, the growth of livestream shopping, which is expected to generate nearly $ 300 billion in China in 2021. The practice was already widespread, but it has grown from an influencer marketing tool to a vital tool for small businesses. The second is the growth of luxury. Chinese consumers used to buy the products when they are abroad. The closure of borders has forced brands to go on digital platforms to continue to reach their customers. China is expected to represent 40% of the luxury market by 2025.”

- Chris Tung, CMO (Alibaba Group)

Asmita dubey“When we talk about personalization, we often talk about tracking and advertising. Yet this is forgetting that there is an ocean of service that brings personalization. For example, during the pandemic hairdressers and colourists closed. We have therefore made available to everyone an AR tool that allows you to view the rendering of a coloring from your smartphone. On the communication side, we called on Eva Longoria who toured from her home with her phone. It gave a very authentic look.”

- Asmita Dubey Chief Digital and Marketing Officer (L'Oréal)

Tech for environment

Boris Winkelmann“If we are part of the problem we need to lead the change and compensate for our entire carbon footprint. We are converting our fleets to become green. 18 million consumers in Europe will receive their parcel from a green DPD truck.” 

- Boris Winkelmann, Chairman & CEO (DPD)

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Bertrand Piccar“The decision-makers have understood the urgency to act against climate change, but underestimate the efforts to change the situation. They look for the miracle solution without realizing that the miracle lies in the fact that we have multiple solutions. It's a bit like the piranhas: if only one bites you you don't feel anything, if they attack in groups then you are finished in 3 minutes.”

- Bertrand Piccard, Président (Solar Impulse Foundation)

Tech for society

Jeremy Jawish“By focusing on fraud detection we realised there is much more we can do for insurers. This is where we could help the sector get better customer responses (...) by automating the processes.”

- Jeremy Jawish, CEO (Shift Technology)

Jean Claude Goldenstein“The main problem that social platforms have with fake news is due to the size of said platforms. It is as if you are a firefighter trying to fight a forest fire in the Amazon: you are looking for the source of the fire, but sparks are coming from everywhere. And when it comes to deep fakes, it's even more complex: 35% of deep fakes manage to pass through platform detection algorithms.”

- Jean-Claude Goldenstein, Founder & CEO (Creopoint.AI)

Sylvain Rouri“As we are maturing in Europe with more control and respect of privacy, our natural resource here for tech is data ; we work with US and Asian companies : the issue is global and we invite everybody to be part of it”

- Sylvain Rouri, Chief Sales Officer (OVHCLOUD)

Future of Work

Julie Teigland“Measuring people’s engagement, supporting the re-scaling and managing the change people are going through are the 3 main topics for the future of work.”

- Julie Teigland, EMEIA Area Managing Partner (EY)

Paul HudsonC  as in context : leaders owe the context of the decision ha are made
E as in empathy, more than ever, ability to care
O as in open minded : we should know no boundaries, to have our minds blown.” 

- Paul Hudson, CEO (Sanofi)

Tech to Watch

Shi weiliang“A lot of people, including the authorities, talk about 5G. Actually it means the 5th mobile technology. What are the differences between 4 and 5G ? 5G is 10x quicker than 4G (...) It allows you to connect millions of objects around you (car, home electronics.) It is really the key to building smart cities.”

- Shi Weiliang, CEO Huawei France

Luc Julia“We shouldn't be talking about Artificial Intelligence but Augmented Intelligence. We are talking about a tool, that we are building and creating and that can be useful. IT will replace some tasks and some jobs, but others will be created : it is part of the ethics of it. To anticipate this, we need to learn and be educated about it.” 

- Luc Julia (Chief Scientific Officer - Renault)

Georges Olivier Reymond“By 2023, we will reach quantum advantage : the point where using quantum computing is more advantageous than normal computing for speed of resolution or energy consumption.” 

- Georges-Olivier Reymond, fondateur & CEO (PASQAL)

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Scaling Up

Manish Madhvani“Evolution from 2014 to 2021 : We see 166 unicorns in Europe. The combined value of all these unicorns was just under 90 billion in 2014 and now 900 billion in 2021. In the past 12 months, 52 new European unicorns appeared  compared to 32 last year and 13 in 2019.”

- Manish Madhvani, Résultats de l’étude Titans of Tech 2021 by GP Bullhound GP Bullhounds 2021

Cérémonie de remise des prix Next Unicorn 

  • First category : FinTech and Insurtech : Sumup
  • Second category : Marketplaces : Vivino
  • 3rd category : Enterprise SAAS : Aiven
  • 4th category : Digital Media : SoRare
  • 5th category : AI, Deep Tech & Big Data : Tessian
  • Coup de coeur du jury : Ecovalis 
  • Grand Prize : Tessian
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