Vivatech Best of day 3

Best of VivaTech Day 3: quotes, startups and pictures to remember

Par : Victor Lepoutre
15 June 2022
Temps de lecture : 4 min

As the third day of Viva Technology comes to an end, the HUB Institute shares with you 5 quotes to remember from this Thursday's conferences. Also make sure to watch the interviews of the most innovative startups we have met, and the best photos of the day.


Top 5 quotes of the day

Mark Pritchard, Procter & GambleWhat is critical for us to think about is what is the job to be done for the people we serve that the metaverse or whatever technology associated can do better. We start making a difference when brands and companies start thinking about what does their consumer need, what is the problem and how can we solve it.”  Marc PRITCHARD, Chief Brand Officer (Procter & Gamble)

Agathe Bousquet Publicis GroupeThe CMO listens to the trends and the expectations of the consumer. They need more and more power to make their voice heard in the company. How do we engage people? We need creativity to talk about sustainability. Fifteen years ago, it was all about performance, now we know that sustainability is important. If you don’t do it for the planet, do it for your company. At the end, it will be good for the planet.”  Agathe Bousquet, CEO (Publicis Group France)

Kevin Meyer Candle Media People want Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, Any device access to content. That’s a thing that would never reverse, so once the consumer has had that freedom and frictions of accessing content have been removed, why would anyone ever go back. We used to have to deliver that content on a time basis because that was the technological constraint. It’s no longer the case.”  Kevin Mayer - Co-CEO (Candle Media)

Yann Lechel ScalewayIn the past, regulations came too late; it was a fine to pay, a slap on the wrist. [...] It was reactive, and not pro-active. What needs to happen is a fundamental understanding that we need to shift the trend; the trend is not good, we are growing more dependent.”  Yann Lechelle CEO (Scaleway)

Nelly Mensah LVMHWe have to educate the client, teach them how to set up the wallet and so on: there’s a little bit of tension on where Web3 is now, and what the consumer expect. So there’s a bit of learning to do but I have hope we’ll scale the solution eventually.”  Nelly Mensah Head of Crypto & Metaverse (LVMH)

Top 14 startups of the day


Tech to Watch 

Dive in  the Robot and Mobility Park at Vivatech

Genoskin is combining data platforms and human skin models to help boost R&D for drugs, vaccines and cosmetics.

> Watch our interview with Genoskin at Vivatech

Tech for Society 

Cortexia is combining multiple technologies as IoT, AI and Computer Vision to collect real-time data on urban cleanliness and help cities manage it.

> Watch our interview with Cortexia at Vivatech

Vianova is a platform for managing connected and shared mobility in urban public spaces.

> Watch our interview with Vianova at Vivatech

Retail, Customer Experience & Marketing 

Dimenco is a company specialized in Simulated Reality. Spatial display technology enables the end-user to visualize and present 3D models indistinguishable from reality.

> Watch our interview with Dimenco at Vivatech

NWO.AI is a customer intelligence platform that is collecting data in order to help brands detect merging signals and micro-trends before they grow exponentially.

Watch our interview with NWO.AI at Vivatech 

Scroble is a marketing & retailing platform as an ecosystem that delivers a user-centric product and phygital shopping experience, by merging online and in-store shopping journeys.

> Watch our interview with Scroble at Vivatech

Tech for Environment 

Algama is a foodtech company that is exploring the potential of algae to create food.

> Watch our interview with Algama at Vivatech

Connected Energy offers an energy storage system based on second life electric vehicle batteries

> Watch our interview with Connected Energy at Vivatech

Greenmetrics is a digital pollution optimization platform that helps businesses reduce the environmental impacts of their digital activity.

> Watch our interview with Greenmetrics at Vivatech

Industrie 4.0

Running Brains Robotics has created the GR100, a professional mobile robot for security and inspection of industrial companies.

> Watch our interview with Running Brains Robotics at Vivatech

Sakowin produces the equipment and process to create Sustainable Hydrogen and carbon, with zero CO2 emissions.

> Watch our interview with Sakowin at Vivatech

Future of Work

Orquest is an automatic AI-powered Workforce Forecasting and Scheduling software that increases sales, optimizes productivity and adjusts labor costs by using machine learning and advanced analytics. 

> Watch our interview with Orquest at Vivatech

Woonoz is an adaptive learning company that developed Memory Anchoring, an e-learning solution that combines adaptive learning and neuroscience.

> Watch our interview with Woonoz at Vivatech

Finance, Banque & Assurances

Mitrust is an intermediary of trust for personal data : it allows users to select, filter and share qualified personal data directly from eligible data sources (banks, telcos, energy providers, government departments, etc.) to other online sites.

> Watch our interview with Mitrust at Vivatech

Top 10 pictures of the day

Best of photos VivaTech day 3
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