Dash Hudson and the role of social media in marketing strategies

Par : Keltoum Lehbab
25 June 2021
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In times of crisis, many brands had to rethink their marketing strategies quickly. In a context where digitalization and the massive use of social networks are transforming the work ecosystem, Dash Hudson offers a social marketing tool that many brands are using. But what is the role of social media in business strategies?

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Maintaining the social connection between the consumer and the service provider has become one of the key issues of the pandemic. Customers' emotional detachment from a brand can reduce loyalty and increase brand abandonment. To counteract this, information technologies are being used to improve business performance. Among these technologies, social media represents a major alternative.

Social media will allow brands, especially in the luxury sector, to contact a large number of existing or potential customers in order to interact with them. This solution gives companies key information about their customers. Receiving consumers' opinions, involving them in the innovation process, anticipating their needs and difficulties, all these factors improve customer relations with the brands. Those platforms are considered essential marketing tools in this pandemic context, where a large portion of consumers are connected on social networks.

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Dash Hudson at the service of the biggest brands

Apple, Amazon or Kylie Cosmetics, the biggest brands have already taken the plunge. Dash Hudson is the social marketing tool that these brands use to reach their goals and develop on the main social channels. The visual marketing software allows you to create, measure, forecast and publish photos and videos while observing trends on a daily basis. Beyond maintaining a social connection with consumers, this tool will improve e-commerce performance. The social marketing tool has identified the two main concerns of brands : 

  • Understand how their page is performing, the growth in subscriber numbers, engagement rates, and impressions.
  • Analyze their best and worst performing content.

One of the most interesting and unique features to Dash Hudson we got to discover during the interview with The Inkey List at the HubTalk event, is the Effectiveness Rate. Dash Hudson’s effectiveness rate measures the percentage of users who saw your post and engaged with it. This formula takes the likes, comments, saves, video views, and divides them by reach.

While engagement factors only your followers into the equation, effectiveness accounts for users who have the opportunity to engage with your content via the algorithm. It provides a more accurate measure of how that content is performing across the channel as opposed to your profile. Both KPIs are important, and you need both to get the big picture on where your brand stands in the social space. Leading brands are now using effectiveness rate alongside engagement rate in their reporting, to gain a more informed and holistic view of content performance and incorporate those learnings into strategy moving forward. 

Being a very product-led, informative brand, we have found out our audiences prefer super short 6 second videos that showcase the products. Dash Hudson has been very useful in this regard. Being able to track the effectiveness of each video versus only the engagement rate is extremely useful and is a good way of benchmarking videos. I want to see what people are really watching and liking.

- Kasey Ford, Social Media Manager at The INKEY List

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